Carnapper helps to prevent and detect fraud in the used car industry and gives a car buyer much needed background information.
To answer some common questions:

Why is carnapper necessary?

Unfortunately for many reasons, here are some of them:
1. Financial crime involving ghost listings and advance fee fraud,
A whole industry has emerged which consists of hacking ebay/gumtree accounts and then posting up cars that are cut and pastes of genuine advertisements. These hacked listings offer desirable and sought after cars at too good to be true prices, Unsuspecting buyers then send deposits to secure these “amazing deals”. (More info at
By using carnapper a buyer can identify the original advert that the car was “cloned” from and avoid being ripped off. Our data is also used by websites that sell cars to detect fraudulent listings.
2. Car cloning
1 in 12 cars in the UK have cloned number plates. This may be done for petty criminals bilking petrol stations, or serious organised criminals on the run in stolen cars.
Carnapper provides data to UK police forces who use our data to build up an intelligence picture and investigate possible cloned vehicles. A recent example of this was a gang intercepted when the police ran it’s plate through our system, they saw the gang had cloned a car that was sitting in a dealership 200 miles from where the clone was. A quick call to the dealer confirmed the real car was sitting on a forecourt for sale. The gang was intercepted and justice was served. Carnapper fills a gap in the tools available to the police to fight cloned cars.
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3. At home Dealer fraud
Some car dealers still try to evade the legal obligations of trading cars fairly and in accordance with trading standards. They do this by selling cars from home and claiming to be private owners and sellers. Our data is used by both consumers and trading standards authorities to see whether someone is trading or genuinely selling a private car.
4. Listing fraud
If a car has been bought and a problem develops, Carnapper is a useful tool to view the original advert that described it, and is often the only place where the advert can be found once it has been taken down as a completed sale. How a car was described in the original advert is the first point of entry in a consumer dispute when something goes wrong.
5. Insurance fraud
Carnapper works closely with the insurance industry to help prevent and detect fraud. Instances of fraud detected with Carnapper data include staged crash scams. In one instance a non-running car with major engine damage was in collision with another non-running car with a broken gearbox. This ‘unfortunate’ incident resulted in 4 occupants in each car entering insurance claims for whiplash injury and months off work. It would have resulted in a £100k + payout had our data not proven that both cars were recently bought as non runners for spares and repairs for £120 and £90 pounds each.
6. Why do you have my car on your website
Carnapper lists cars that have been advertised publicly on the internet on used car websites. If your car is listed here it will be because you, the previous owner, or potentially a criminal has listed it on a website for sale.
7. I don't want my car listed here
No problem. We can remove any public access to the vehicle if you require it. To hide your listing just tap the box on the page of your car and fill in the form. The listing will be removed from view within a few hours. We will however leave a message on the page that the data has been removed at the request of the owner and the date the removal was requested, whilst ensuring your privacy this does inform any potential buyer that there has been publicly available information about the car that the owner does not want to be known. The original details will still be accessible by the police and trading standards.
8. Do I have to pay to have my listing removed?
No, there is nothing to pay to have a listing removed. We do ask for basic details to prevent abuse of this function. Details you provide will remain private and will not be published. Please bear in mind that our provision of information about your car sale is only intended to prevent criminal activity.
9. Is Carnapper is a violation of my privacy?
No. We only use information that has been placed in the public domain by yourself or someone involved in selling the car. We have no data that is not already openly published. We do have a unique way of storing and identifying this data which is why you may be surprised to see it here. it may also prevent your receiving parking tickets and fines incurred by someone who has cloned your car, or having the police investigate you because someone else is using your number plates whilst committing crime.